Pattern Worksheets

Do you remember the school assignments where some incomplete picture/pattern sequences were assigned to students to complete? Those were pattern worksheets. The primary purpose of the pattern worksheet is to help children understand and complete patterns of shapes/objects/letters. These patterns for kids worksheets help to improve their reasoning and prediction ability. The more worksheets kids are able to solve, the better reasoning skills they develop. The patterns of objects and patterns of shapes worksheets also help children improve their mathematical concepts of ascending and descending and missing numbers series.

Free Printable Patterns for Kids Worksheets

Regular practising of these pattern worksheets helps your child to enhance his reasoning ability. These patterns for kids’ worksheets can help in the development of your child’s thinking abilities from a very early age. The worksheets on patterns of objects and patterns of shapes help your kids to know about the presence of different shapes, sizes and objects in their surroundings. Moreover, the pattern worksheets help build a sense of order and sequence in their lives. So, if you are tired of the same old pattern worksheets, we are here to provide you with some interesting and new patterns for kids’ worksheets. You can easily download these free printable worksheets and give them to your little one to solve.

Patterns of Letters Worksheet

These worksheets help your child to remember the alphabetical sequence and have a better understanding of spelling. Patterns of letter worksheets also allow the children to learn and memorise simple spellings too.

Patterns of Letters Worksheet Download PDF

Free Patterns of Objects Worksheet

These worksheets help the child to know and learn about the different objects that are present around them.

Free Patterns of Objects Worksheet Download PDF

Downloadable Patterns of Shapes Worksheet

These easily downloadable patterns of shapes worksheets not only help your child to know about different shapes, but also strengthen their geometrical concepts.

Downloadable Patterns of Shapes Worksheet Download PDF

Frequently Asked Questions on Pattern Worksheets


How are pattern worksheets useful for children?

Some people may think that these worksheets are very easy and not important for children. But this is not true; these worksheets help to instill a sense of order and sequence in your child. Furthermore, they also improve the reasoning and prediction ability of children. It has been seen that kids who are good at completing pattern worksheets have better retention powers.


How are the different pattern worksheets available for kids?

There are basically three types of pattern worksheets, namely:

· Letter worksheets.

· Object worksheets.

· Shapes worksheets.


Where can I get pattern worksheets for my kid?

You need to be aware of the new and complex patterns currently in use in exams. We provide you with the best and most updated versions of these pattern worksheets, which will help your child to remain ahead of the pack. You can start by downloading some of our free pattern worksheets.

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