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One of the sub-topics that come under fractions is equivalent fractions. Many kids in the junior classes may not have heard this term and, as a result, may find it difficult to understand. To ensure that they know the basics, here’s the meaning of equivalent fractions. In equivalent fractions, both numerators and denominators will be different but will represent the same number. For example, 3/6 and 2/4 are equivalent fractions, representing the same result 1/2 when simplified. You can access the various equivalent fractions worksheets from our BYJU’S website.

Ways to Find Equivalent Fractions

As your kid starts higher classes, he will have to face questions that will check whether he has his basics clear or not. One of the questions regarding equivalent fractions would be to identify whether a number is an equivalent fraction or not. There are two ways of finding equivalent fractions of a number, by the multiplication method or the division method.

  • Multiplication method – One of the ways to find equivalent fractions is by multiplying the denominator and numerator by the same number. For example, suppose one has to find the equivalent fraction of 3/4. In that case, you can multiply the numerator and denominator by 3, so the result will be 9/12, which, if simplified, is equivalent to 3/4.
  • Division method – There will be questions where the students will be asked to find equivalent fractions through the division method. In those cases, the denominator and numerator must be divided by the same number. But to do so, one has to find the common factor of the numerator and denominator. For example, if 24/12 is the fraction given, the common factor is 2, so the numerator and denominator are to be divided by 2, so the equivalent fraction would be 12/6.

BYJU’S offers various equivalent fractions practice worksheets, which will help students practise and clarify the concepts. As parents, you can easily access these worksheets and download them too. For more Kids Learning activities, visit BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Equivalent Fractions Worksheet


What are equivalent fractions?

Equivalent fractions are those fractions whose numerators and denominators are different, but they give the same result when simplified. For example, 5/40 and 3/24 are equivalent fractions, as when they are simplified, both give 1/8 as a result.


Where can I find equivalent fractions worksheets?

BYJU’S is a one-stop where parents can find a large number of equivalent fractions practice worksheets. These worksheets are designed keeping in mind the understanding ability of junior class students. These worksheets offer a basic understanding of equivalent fractions.


How to find an equivalent fraction of a fractional number?

There are two ways by which one can find equivalent fractions. One is by multiplication, and the other is division. In multiplication, both the numerator and denominator are to be multiplied by the same number, and in the division method, the numerator and denominator are to be divided by the common factor of the numbers.

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