Division Worksheets

What is Division?

One of the basic operations that are needed to solve mathematical problems is division. It is important that kids understand and learn how to use these operations while they are in lower classes. As they go to higher classes, division becomes an integral part of every chapter. The division of a number means dividing the number into simpler terms. For example, when you are given, divide 24 ÷ 3, then the answer will be 8. You will find plenty of division worksheets at our BYJU’S website, which is designed for kids in primary classes.

Terms Used in Division

Apart from learning how to divide, it is essential for the students to learn about the terms that are used in division operations.

  • Dividend – Dividend refers to the number or the total shares that are to be divided or shared. For example, 12 ÷ 4, here 12 is the dividend.
  • Divisor – Divisor is the number by which the dividend is divided. For example, if we take the previous example of 12 ÷ 4, 4 is the divisor.
  • Quotient – Quotient is the answer or number obtained after dividing the divided with the divisor. For example, 12 ÷ 4 = 3, so here, 3 is the quotient.
  • Remainder – Remainder is the number that is left after dividing the divided with the divisor, i.e. remainder is a number that doesn’t get completely divided. For example, if you divide 15 by 2 then 1 is the remainder.

Types of Division Methods

There are numerous division methods by which one can find the result of a division. There is the short division method, division by repeated subtraction method, and lastly, the long division method. The long division method is generally followed by the students. In this method, the divisor is written on the left side of the brackets/parentheses, the dividend as well as the remainder, if any, is written in the space between the brackets/parentheses, and the quotient is written after closing the brackets/parentheses. The 3 digit division worksheets and the 2 digit division worksheets will help the children to develop a clear understanding of the long division method. For example –

2 – Divisor ) 18 – Dividend ( 9 – Quotient


0 – Remainder

Frequently Asked Questions on Division Worksheets


Where can I find division worksheets?

Division is one of the fundamental chapters that kids should learn when they are in their primary classes. To make sure that they practise a sufficient amount of division worksheets, you can visit our BYJU’S website and download them for free.


What is the dividend?

The dividend is the number that one needs to divide by the divisor; for example, if you are told to divide 34 ÷ 2, then 34 is the dividend.


Will there always be a remainder?

Not necessary. If the dividend is fully/completely divisible by the divisor, then there will be no remainder.

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