Decimal Subtraction Worksheet

A kid who has a basic understanding of decimals will understand what decimal subtraction is. Decimal subtraction is very much like normal subtraction; instead of whole numbers, one has to find the difference between the whole and fractional part of the number. The decimal subtraction worksheet is an essential part of the decimal chapter. If you, as parents, want your child to have a good grasp of mathematical concepts, then decimals are a good way to start that.

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Benefits of Decimal Subtraction

Though some kids would find it boring, decimal subtraction has a few advantages too. The points discussed below will reveal how decimal subtraction is beneficial.

  • Helps to strengthen various concepts – Decimal subtraction helps to strengthen various other mathematical concepts that your kid will learn in high school. Chapters like Money, Length, Quantity will be better understood if kids understand decimal subtraction. In chapters like Money, the decimal point will separate the amount into rupees and paise. And if someone has an idea about decimal subtraction, then it will be easy for them to solve the arithmetic word problems related to chapters of Money, Length, Quantity etc.
  • Understand the concept of place value – A whole number has a different place value than a decimal number. In whole numbers, the ‘Ones’ place is counted from the right end, and the place value increases to the left. Whereas in decimal numbers, the place value of the numbers after the decimal point is counted from left to right. For example, if a number is given, i.e. 45.65, then the place value of the numbers before decimal places will be counted as 5 (ones) 4 (tens), whereas the place value of numbers after the decimal will be placed as 6(tenths) 5 (hundredths). There’s no ‘Ones’ place value after the decimal point.
  • Helps to compare – Having a clear concept of decimal subtraction helps the children to understand the concept of how to compare decimal numbers. A student can easily find out which decimal difference is greater than the other if they know how to subtract decimal numbers. There are many subtracting decimals worksheet pdf available in our BYJU’S portal that you can access for your child’s practice.

Download Decimal Subtraction Download PDF

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Frequently Asked Questions on Decimal Subtraction Worksheet


What is decimal subtraction?

When more than one decimal number is given, and one has to find the difference between them, it is known as decimal subtraction. During decimal subtraction, one has to start subtracting from the rightmost end.


Is decimal subtraction beneficial for elementary students?

Of course, they are beneficial; the decimal subtraction helps the kids to develop a better understanding of topics like Money, Length etc., which will be studied in the high school syllabus.


Where are subtracting decimals worksheet pdf available?

One can easily access the subtracting decimals worksheet pdf at our BYJU’S website. The worksheets are specially designed for kids who are starting to learn about the basics.


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