Decimal Addition Worksheet

Though most people know decimal as a dot, the meaning of ‘decimal’ is much more than that. Decimal is a point or a dot that separates a whole number from its fractional part within a number – for example, 27.29, where 27 is the whole number and 29 is its fractional number. Decimal numbers are an important part of the elementary school syllabus; this chapter is taught after children have developed an understanding of fractions. As a kid reaches higher classes, they have to learn how to convert fractions into decimals and vice versa. For that, they need to have a clear understanding of decimal numbers and practise BYJU’S decimal addition worksheets for kids.

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Decimal Addition

Once the children have become familiar with the concepts of decimals, parents can teach them how to add decimal numbers. In decimal addition, students have to add the given decimal numbers to find the cumulative result. Decimal addition is very much like simple addition, except the number is divided into whole numbers and fraction numbers by a decimal point and hence, provide kids with decimal addition worksheets. For example,if it is given: Add 22.75 and 34.24, start by arranging the number as shown below and then start adding the numbers from the rightmost digit.




There are multiple adding decimal worksheet pdf available on our BYJU’S website. You can easily download them and give them to your child for practice. Start by giving addition of small numbers to your children; once they become well versed in doing them, you can start giving them larger numbers. It is important to learn the fraction values of decimal numbers as it will help your kids to solve sums in higher classes. It is equally important to teach the kids how to place the numbers according to their place value. Arranging the numbers as per place value helps them to find the right solution.

Download Decimal Addition Download PDF

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Frequently Asked Questions on Decimal Addition Worksheet


What are decimal numbers?

Decimal numbers are those numbers where a decimal point is used to separate a whole number from its fractional part. Usually, decimal numbers are included in the syllabus of almost all elementary schools.


Where can I find decimal addition worksheets?

BYJU’S offers a large number of adding decimal worksheet PDFs. The PDFs are designed keeping in mind the comprehension levels of students who are in primary classes. Parents can visit the BYJU’S page and find, as well as download, these worksheets for their children. A variety of worksheets covers all aspects of the decimal addition concept.


Is it necessary to learn the fractional values of the decimal numbers?

As parents, if you think your child can understand and retain the fractional values of decimal numbers, then you can go for it. These values will help them to solve equations in higher classes.

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