Prime Number Worksheet

It is important to teach the concepts of Prime Numbers to kids at an early age. You can start with Prime Numbers 1 – 100 worksheets. But first, kids should be taught what prime numbers are. Prime numbers are those numbers that are more than 1, and can be divided by only two numbers, one being the number itself and the other, ‘1’. Prime numbers are important for kids to understand concepts like factors, tables and division too.

Prime Number Worksheet Download PDF

Prime Number Worksheet Download PDF

Prime Numbers up to 100

Though some students don’t quite like mathematics, since it is important for their curriculum, they must start to learn about it at a young age. So once they know what prime numbers are and how they can be found, they should go through Prime Numbers up to 100 Worksheets. And to make sure that children understand how prime numbers work, they should learn the tables by heart. Once they learn the tables, not only will it help them in multiplication, but also help them to find the factors of a number and whether the number is prime or not.

Children get confused when they are asked which is the smallest prime number,and end up answering ‘1’. Here if their concepts are clear, they will understand that since 1 does not have a factor apart from itself, it cannot be classified as a prime number. So 2 is the smallest prime number. Teaching kindergarten kids all about prime numbers can be a tricky job but you can start with the basics – tables and the meaning of the term ‘prime numbers’. Parents can download Prime Numbers Worksheet PDFs from the BYJU’S site. We design the worksheets keeping in mind the learning abilities of children. By practising different types of prime number worksheets, a kid develops their mathematical concepts. For more Kids Learning activities, visit BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Prime Number Worksheet


Are prime numbers included in the kindergarten syllabus?

No, prime numbers are not included in the kindergarten syllabus. However, it is an important part of the mathematics curriculum. If children learn about these concepts at a young age, it will help them grasp them better in higher classes.


Is 1 a prime number?

No, 1 isn’t a prime number, though many often think of it as one. Since 1 is only divisible by 1 itself, it doesn’t qualify to the rule of having two factors. Thus, it can’t be termed as a prime number.


Where can kids get prime numbers worksheets for practice?

BYJU’S offers various free Prime Numbers Worksheet PDF. These worksheets are designed especially for kids so that they can easily solve them and learn all about prime numbers.

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