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Children love to draw, and we at BYJU’S make sure that your children learn, while doing what they love. Though drawing shapes might be just fun for children, they have a great deal of importance. Drawing not only helps make a child creative, it also plays a significant role in the development of the child’s brain. If the child knows and practises how to draw the basic shapes, that will help him to recognise shapes in his surroundings. The circle worksheets and rectangles worksheets that BYJU’S offer, help your kid to learn them instead of just memorising shapes. You can easily access the free squares Worksheets for Kids, and help your kid have fun and learn simultaneously.

Importance of Drawing Shapes

If you have doubts about how drawing shapes can be helpful for your child, let us have a look at the importance of doing so.

  • Enhances motor skills – Children who are good at drawing are seen to have better motor skills. While drawing, a child uses his fingers and arms which helps in the development of motor skills. A child who has a strong grip when using pencils or colours has better motor and gross skills than other children.
  • Improves concentration – Drawing shapes requires utmost attention. So the best way to ensure that a child develops his concentration at a young age is by giving him opportunities to draw. While drawing, a child has to notice the tiniest of details to make his drawing beautiful. This focus to achieve the desired result improves their concentration levels.
  • Good hand-eye coordination – Another importance of drawing circle worksheets and square worksheets is it improves hand-eye coordination. The ability to see, keep in mind and then draw it, helps them later in their academic life.
  • It helps to remember better – Visual representation always enables the mind to remember, rather than memorise. A child might find it challenging to remember the names of different shapes. But when he is drawing shapes, he finds it easier to remember how it looks and what it is called. Also, concepts like distance, size, weight can be easily taught using drawing shapes. For example, with the help of a circle worksheet, you can teach your kid which circle size is bigger or whether a ball is heavier or an orange. These kinds of drawing shapes worksheets teach the kids concepts in a playful manner.

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Free Circle Worksheets and Squares Worksheets 1 Download PDF

Free Circle Worksheets and Squares Worksheets 2 Download PDF

BYJU’S provides you with different types of worksheets where your child can practise. There are different types of squares worksheets, rectangles worksheets, triangles worksheets and circle worksheets, available on their website. One can easily download these free worksheets for their kids. For more kids learning activities, visit BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Drawing Shapes


Is drawing shapes beneficial for kids?

Of course, drawing shapes is beneficial for kids. Apart from being a fun activity for kids, it is also good for the development of their motor skills and concentration.


Where can I get different types of circle worksheets and square worksheets?

Instead of searching across different sites, BYJU’S gives you everything that you need, in one place. You can get all types of circle worksheets, square worksheets, and others. These worksheets help your kid to understand the concepts of weight, distance and shape from a young age.

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