Ordinal Numbers Worksheet 1 to 20

Ordinal numbers are generally included in the Class 2 mathematics curriculum. It is essential for children to understand what ordinal numbers mean before they start to solve ordinal numbers worksheet 1 – 20. Ordinal numbers refer to the positions of the concerned object. For example, if it’s written: “The boy won the 3rd prize in the race.” Here, 3rd is the ordinal number.

Download Ordinal Numbers Worksheet 1 to 20 Download PDF

Download Ordinal Numbers Worksheet 1 to 20 Download PDF

Difference between Ordinal and Cardinal Numbers

The difference between ordinal and cardinal numbers is one of the topics that children may find confusing. So, it is important to clear their doubts about these two terms. Cardinal numbers mean the count of the given objects/numbers. Whereas, ordinal numbers refer to the positioning of the objects. Once they understand the difference, it will be easy for them to grasp the concepts. Also, BYJU’S has many ordinal numbers worksheets 1 to 20 that you can download and give to your children for practising.

Tips to Teach Ordinal Numbers

As children can get confused between cardinal and ordinal numbers, parents, as well as teachers, have to be cautious while teaching these concepts to their children. Instead of teaching them by definitions or other conventional methods, it’s better to teach them through different activities. Hands-on activities help the children to learn and understand concepts much faster than conventional methods. Here are some tips which help you to teach the children what ordinal numbers are:

  • Weekdays activity – One of the primary activities that you can start with preschool or primary school kids is the weekdays activity. Since kids know the days in a week by now,, you can ask them questions like ‘What is the 3rd day of the week?’ or “Name the first day of the week” or “Write down the last working day of a week”. These activities will help them understand the concept of ordinal numbers clearly.
  • Month counting – Any primary kid would know about the 12 months of the year. So instead of asking them to recite the months at one go, ask them questions like “Which is the 6th month of the year?” or “What are the ordinal numbers of the months that have 31 days consecutively?”. Also, you can provide them with a calendar and ask them to circle the 7th or 1st or 9th or 12th month of the year. Not only will they enjoy it, they learn from it as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Ordinal Numbers Worksheet 1 to 20


What are ordinal numbers?

Ordinal numbers refer to the place or position of the concerned object. For example, Thursday is the 4th day of the week. So 4th is the ordinal number.


How many ordinal numbers should a preschool or primary school kid know about?

As they say, ‘the more, the merrier’. However, if your kid is in kindergarten or in primary classes, knowing about ordinal numbers from 1 to 20 will be enough. You can find various ordinal numbers worksheets 1 to 20 at our BYJU’S website.

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