Naming Angles Worksheets

This is one of the most important chapters of the mathematics curriculum, and it is essential that at a young age, children develop fundamental knowledge about these concepts. Now before a child moves on to name angles, it is important for them to know what angles are and how to identify them. BYJU’S offers various angle identifying worksheets that will help them to practise and clear the basics. Angle is the space created when two surfaces or lines meet at a point, and is measured in degrees.

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How to Measure an Angle?

If one has to do the naming angles worksheets correctly, then one should know how to measure angles. Angles can be measured correctly by the use of a protractor. The students have to place the protractor along the baseline of the given figure, start reading from zero degrees of the protractor, and study along which way the second ray is. This way, one can easily mark the measurement of the angle.

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Types of Angles

Once a student has mastered the ability to measure an angle, it is important for them to know the different types of angles. This will help them to solve the naming angles worksheet PDFs.

  • Acute Angle – The measurements of angles that lie between 0 to 90 degrees (less than 90 degrees) is called an acute angle.
  • Right Angle – An angle whose measurement is exactly 90 degrees is known as the right angle. 90 degrees is generally formed when two perpendicular lines (horizontal and vertical lines) meet together.
  • Obtuse Angle – An angle that measures more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees is known as an obtuse angle.
  • Straight Angle – The angle which measures exactly 180 degrees, i.e. an angle formed by a straight line is a straight angle.
  • Reflex Angle – An angle whose measurement is more than 180 degrees but less than 360 degrees is known as a reflex angle.
  • Complete Angles – An angle that measures 360 degrees is known as a complete angle.

It is very important for children to know what are the different types of angles as it will help them to solve and practise the naming angles worksheet available at our BYJU’S website. For more Kids Learning activities similar to Division Worksheets and Multiplication Worksheets, visit BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Naming Angles Worksheets


How to measure an angle?

One has to measure an angle in order to solve the naming angle worksheets. One can easily measure an angle by using a protractor. Just place the protractor at the base ray and measure the angle.


Where are naming angle worksheets available?

If you are looking for naming angle worksheets which you can easily download and print for your child’s practice, then stop by at the BYJU’S website. We offer a lot of naming angle worksheets which will help your child to have a clear understanding of angles and their types.


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