Comparing Integers Worksheet

Before moving on to comparison of integers, let us learn a little more about integers. Integers include all numbers, whether positive or negative, except fractions and decimals. Since you’ll be dealing with kids, you have to make sure that you start with the basics. Before introducing comparing integers worksheet, make sure that children have a basic understanding of numbers, and what positive and negative numbers mean. Once they have a clear understanding of numbers, you can move on to integers and comparison of integers.

Comparing Integers

Once kids are familiar with the concept of integers, the next topic to be taught is comparing integers. A basic question might arise; what does comparing integers mean? Since there are two types of integers – positive and negative, the comparison between these two integers is known as comparing integers. Comparing integers is the same as comparing numbers and identifying which is greater and smaller. For kids to understand this easily, there are plenty of comparing integers worksheet pdf which they can practise. These comparing integers worksheets are designed keeping in mind the different understanding capabilities of children. The children can easily solve these worksheets if they have understood positive and negative integers. As parents, you should make them understand how -56 is greater than -65 and how 65 is greater than -56. Once they understand the difference, they can solve these comparing integers worksheets pdf in a jiffy.

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How to Compare Integers?

The comparison of integers should be taught on a number line, as this will allow children to develop a better grasp of the concept. You can start by drawing a horizontal line and placing 0 in the middle. Now to the left of 0, start adding the negative integers like -1, -2, -3 and so on and on the right side, add all the positive integers like 1,2,3 and so on. Once the entire number line is drawn, try to make the children understand that the numbers to the left of 0 are smaller than the numbers to the right of zero. Also, if two negative integers are given for comparison, they should eliminate the (-ve) sign and then compare the numbers. This will help them in not getting confused between two negative integers.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Comparing Integers Worksheet


What are integers?

Integers are those numbers that include all positive and negative numbers. They do not include any fractional or decimal numbers.


How is a number line helpful in comparing integers?

In a number line, all the negative integers are placed to the left of 0, and all the positive integers are placed to the right of 0. Thus, it is easier to mark that lesser numbers are to the left of 0, and greater numbers are to the right.


Where can I get comparing integers worksheets?

BYJU’S has designed comparing integers worksheets keeping in mind the understanding ability of every kind of kid. Practising the available worksheets will help them to develop a better understanding of integers.

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