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Ordering fractions is an important topic under fractions. In ordering fractions, one has to compare the given fractions and arrange them in an increasing or decreasing order. You can find several ordering fractions worksheets at our BYJU’S website. To be able to do these worksheets, children should have a basic understanding of fractions. They can better understand the concepts of addition or subtraction of fractions by practising these ordering fractions worksheets.

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How to Order Fractions?

Ordering of fractions means arranging them as per ascending or descending order. In the case of whole numbers, one can easily arrange numbers from the smallest to the largest or vice versa. Now, there are two ways by which students can compare between two or more fractions:

  • In the case of like denominator – If the fractions have like/same denominator, then those fractions can be easily arranged in an ascending or descending order (whichever is asked). In the case of like/same denominator, one has to compare the fractions by the numerators. For example, if students are asked to order the given fractions – 3/4, 5/4, 8/4, 1/4 in ascending order. Then the correct order will be 1/4, 3/4, 5/4, 8/4. The fractions are arranged after comparing the numerators, as they have the same denominator.
  • In the case of unlike/different denominator – If one has to order fractions whose denominators are different/unlike, then it can be done only after finding the LCM of the denominators. Once the denominators are the same after LCM, students can easily order the fractions by comparing the numerator.

Benefits of Ordering Fractions

There are quite a few advantages of learning the ordering of fractions. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Learn to do LCM – One of the benefits of practising ordering fractions worksheets is that it helps the children to perform LCM functions on more than two numbers. In the case of unlike denominators, they have to first find the LCM of the denominators and then compare the numerators.
  • Clears Concept – Once the children are able to solve ordering functions, it helps them to have a clear understanding of the fractions. Fractions are an essential part of the mathematics curriculum, and it is important that children understand these concepts at a young age.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ordering Fractions Worksheet


How to order fractions with unlike denominators?

In the case of unlike denominators, the students have to first find the LCM of the denominators. Once they have a common denominator, they can compare the numerators and order them accordingly.


How to practise ordering fractions?

BYJU’S offers several ordering fractions worksheets that parents or students can easily download and solve. These worksheets will help the children to develop a clear understanding of ordering fractions. It is of great benefit to your child, as it will help him to solve high-level problems in higher classes.

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