Cursive Letter U

U is the 21st letter in the alphabet. The letter U stands for umbrella, unicorn, uniform, us and so on. Once the kids have learned to write these words without spelling mistakes, introduce them to Cursive writing. The cursive alphabet is an important skill that the little ones must master. Provide kids with the cursive letter U worksheets and ask them to practise, learn, colour and trace. These exciting activities keep the boredom or stress away and help them learn the letter U in cursive. You can also ask them to write the English Poems in cursive, which are available at BYJU’S.

Why Should Kids Practise Cursive Letter U Worksheets?

Children must practise cursive letter U worksheets because it develops their handwriting and makes it legible. When the handwriting is legible, it becomes easier for kids to score well in their academics and increase their confidence. Cursive letter U worksheet helps them stay focused and learn well. Cursive letters worksheets improve their finger movement according to the strokes and slants of the letter. The letter U in cursive enhances their neural connections, memory retention and handwriting skills. The more kids practise, the more they can avoid spelling mistakes while writing long sentences. The cursive letter U worksheet helps them understand the alphabet and colours while colouring the cursive letter U worksheets.

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How to Write the Cursive Letter U?

Here are the simple ways on how to write the cursive letter U.

Cursive capital letter U: Start writing the cursive capital letter U below the topline with a small tag, and bring the stroke to the bottom line. Continue the stroke from the bottom line, and make a half ‘o’ shape. From the half ‘o’ shape, get back the stroke to the top line and down by ending to the right to connect to the next letter.
Cursive small letter U: Begin the stroke below the midline, and bring the stroke to the middle line. Now, get the stroke to the bottom line and similar to the capital cursive U, write the half ‘o’ shape. Once the stroke meets the midline, complete it by taking it towards the bottom line and leaving a tag to the right to connect to the next letter.

A List of the Letter U in Cursive Letter Worksheets

Here is one of the best lists of the letter U in cursive letter worksheets for the little learners. Cursive writing is a vital part of the kids learning phase. These worksheets improve kids’ fine and gross motor skills, decision making skills, problem solving skills, detailing abilities, handwriting and precision. Cursive letters can also be learned by colouring and tracing. Cursive letter U colouring worksheets help them have a strong colour and letter sense. Below is a comprehensive list of cursive letter U worksheet for kids to practise and have an enjoyable learning experience.

Cursive Letters Small U Worksheets Download PDF

Printable Cursive Capital Letter U Download PDF

Cursive Letter U Tracing Worksheets Download PDF

These are a few best and most interesting cursive letter U worksheets for kids. Click on Worksheets for Kids, available at BYJU’S.

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