Number Names from 1 - 50

One of the introductory chapters that are taught to kids in their primary classes, is the number names. Once the kid can count easily up to one hundred, the number names chapter is introduced to them. This chapter is one of the fundamentals of mathematics. It is essential for the kids to learn by heart the number names, as it will help them excel in many chapters as they go to higher classes. BYJU’S offers several number names 1 – 50 worksheets that either parents or children can download.

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Download Number Names from 1 – 50 Worksheet 1 Download PDF

Download Number Names from 1 – 50 Worksheet 2 Download PDF

Importance of Number Names

Apart from just knowing the number names, there are a lot of other reasons why learning these number names are important for your kid. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Helps them identify numbers – As your kid goes to a higher class, say Class 1 or 2, there will be questions where he’ll be asked to match the numbers with the number names. So if he’s not acquainted with the corresponding number names, it will be difficult for him to match the numbers with their names. Questions like writing the number name of the corresponding number are a common topic for Classes 1 – 2 kids.
  • Helps to identify the place value – Another important topic which the kids learn as they are in their primary classes is the place value. Once the kids are well acquainted with the place value concept, questions like writing the place value in the expanded form are asked. To attempt those questions, it is important for the students to know about the number names. If they know the number names, they will be able to solve these types of questions.
  • Helps to start a conversion – One of the favourite sets of questions for primary mathematics teachers is to ask students to convert the expanded form or the number names in the numeral. For example, questions like “convert three hundred forty-five into number form” can only be done if the children are well acquainted with the number names of the numbers.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Number Names from 1 – 50 Worksheet


From which Class can number names be taught to kids?

As parents, you can start by making your kids memorise and count the numbers at least up to 100. Once they have learned it, you can move on to the number names from 1 – 50. You can teach the number name as your kid completes kindergarten, as it will help them in Classes 1 – 3.


Where can I find number names from 1 – 50 worksheets?

Number names from 1 – 50 worksheets are easily available at BYJU’S. These worksheets are made keeping in mind that they’ll be solved by primary students. Number names 1 to 50 worksheet PDFs are easily downloadable, thus making it easily accessible to parents as well as kids.


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