Collective Nouns Worksheet

The noun is an integral part of English grammar that every child should be taught at a young age. There are six types of nouns, and one of them is collective nouns. It is important for the children to learn to identify the different types of nouns as it will help them in the higher classes. If your kid is in Class 2 or 3, then identifying the kind of nouns will be an important chapter of the grammar section. So it is essential that kids have a basic understanding of collective nouns and are able to identify one. BYJU’S has several collective nouns worksheets that parents can download and give to their children for practice.

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What is a Collective Noun?

The basic question that might pop into any child’s mind when they hear the term collective noun is what does collective noun mean? In simpler terms, collective nouns are those words that refer to a collection of things or people as a whole. For example, “the flock of sheep is grazing in the field”. In this example, the flock is the collective noun as it refers to the group of sheep that are grazing in the field. You will find a number of collective nouns worksheets with pictures at our BYJU’S website that you can use for your child’s practice. These worksheets will help them to have a primary and clear understanding of collective nouns.

List of Common Nouns

Here is a list of collective nouns that the children can go through, which will help them to identify them when asked for. Also, knowing about some of these collective nouns will help the children to answer the single word for sentences.

  • A group of sheep/birds – flock
  • A group of puppies/kittens – litter
  • A group of soldiers – army/troop/battalion/regiment
  • A number/group of bees/ants/locusts – swarm
  • A group/number of cards/wolves/hounds – pack
  • A group of singers in church/function – choir
  • A group of judges – jury
  • A group/number of ships – fleet
  • A number of stars – constellations
  • A number of people gathered together – assembly/gathering/society
  • A group of dancers/artists/acrobats – troupe
  • A group of people collected in the street – crowd
  • A group of flowers – bouquet
  • A number of elephants/cattle/deer – herd

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Frequently Asked Questions on Collective Nouns Worksheet


What are collective nouns?

A noun that is used to denote the number of people or things as a whole is known as a collective noun. For example, “the jury decided to punish the criminal”. Here, jury is the collective noun that represents a group of judges.


What is a group of fish known as?

A group of fish is generally known as school or shoal. You will find a number of collective nouns sentences worksheets at our BYJU’S website. You can easily print them and give to your child for practice.


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