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English is one of the most essential subjects that children start to read and learn at a very young age. As children go to higher classes, an important topic that gets included in the grammar syllabus is nouns and pronouns. These topics are the basic grammar lessons that play a significant role in building the foundation of good reading, writing and speaking skills. BYJU’S offers several nouns and pronouns worksheets for kindergarten as well as other primary class kids. Before solving these worksheets, a student should have a clear idea about nouns and pronouns.

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What is a Noun?

Sometimes explaining grammar concepts to children can be tricky. Some parents might wonder how to explain nouns to a Class 1 student. As parents, you can start by explaining that nouns are naming words, i.e. nouns refer to names of people, animals, birds, places and things. For example, “Ram saw a tiger in the zoo.” In this sentence, there are three nouns, Ram (name of person), tiger (name of animal) and zoo (name of a place). BYJU’S offers a number of nouns worksheets that you can use for your child’s practice.Once the kids have developed a basic understanding of nouns, you can download these worksheets which will make them to identify the nouns and put them under categories of person, animal/bird, place or thing.

What is a Pronoun?

The simple definition of a pronoun is a word that replaces the noun. The primary purpose of the pronouns is to avoid repetition of the nouns that have been already used in the sentence. Common pronouns that one might easily locate are she, he, it, they, me, I and many more. You can find the list of pronouns on our BYJU’S website. This list will help the children to identify the pronouns in nouns and pronouns worksheets. For example, it is given “Rita goes to school every day. Rita is a good girl. Rita has a best friend named Anita. Both Rita and Anita play together.” Pronouns will avoid the repetition of Rita and Anita’s names and make the sound of the sentence better. So the passage you will read after using pronouns is “Rita goes to school every day. She is a good girl. She has a best friend named Anita. Both of them play together”.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Nouns and Pronouns Worksheets


What is a noun?

Nouns are naming words, i.e. names of people, animal/birds, place and things.


What are pronouns?

Pronouns are words/phrases which are used in place of nouns to avoid repetition of the naming words in a sentence/passage.


Where to get nouns and pronouns worksheets?

Since nouns and pronouns are basic grammar concepts that need to be taught to children, they need proper worksheets to practise them too. BYJU’S has several nouns and pronouns worksheets that parents can download and use for their children’s practice.

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