Irregular Plural Nouns Worksheet

Plural nouns are an essential subtopic of nouns. Singular and plural nouns are generally included in the syllabus of primary kids to develop a basic understanding of the concepts at a young age. Unlike singular nouns, plural nouns have some rules that need to be followed. But not all plural nouns follow the rules; there are some plural nouns that don’t follow the conventional rules. So it becomes a bit confusing for children. These types of the plural that don’t follow conventional rules are known as irregular plural nouns. BYJU’S has a number of irregular plural nouns worksheet that children can practise to strengthen their concepts.

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What are Irregular Plural Nouns?

How would you explain irregular plural nouns to a primary class student? The simplest way to do this is by explaining to them that irregular plural nouns are those types of nouns that don’t follow the rules of the convention of conversion from singular to plurals, such as replacing nouns ending with f or fe with ves or adding es at the end of nouns with ch, sh, s, x or z. Irregular plural nouns follow no specific rules, but here are some tips that would help the children.

  • Some nouns don’t change in their plural form, i.e. their singular and plural stay the same. Some of the examples are sheep, aircraft, deer, series, fish, species, furniture etc. You can get a list of irregular plural nouns from our BYJU’S website.
  • Some irregular plural nouns are made by changing the vowel sound present in the singular, such as child becomes children, the foot becomes feet, goose becomes geese, ox becomes oxen and many more.
  • If the singular noun ends with an ex or, ix, then in the plural, it becomes ices. For example, the index becomes indices; vertex becomes vertices, etc.
  • If the singular noun ends with us, then in the plural, it either gets changed into i/ ora/ era or es is added at the end of us. For example, radius becomes radii; cactus becomes cactuses or cacti; fungus becomes fungi; campus becomes campuses and many others.

These are some basic rules that children should keep in mind while solving irregular plural nouns worksheet pdf. For more Kids Learning activities similar to Worksheets, visit BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)


What are irregular plural nouns?

Irregular plural nouns are those nouns that don’t follow the conventional rules of conversion from singular to plural. For example, in irregular plural nouns, goose becomes geese, the mouse becomes mice etc.


How to find irregular plural nouns worksheet?

Instead of going through multiple websites, BYJU’S is a one-stop where you can find several printable irregular plural nouns worksheet. These worksheets can be easily accessed by parents as well as children. Since these worksheets are also available in pdf format, they can be kept for future reference.

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