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Before knowing about compound nouns, it is essential that students have a basic understanding of nouns. The best way to teach nouns to children is by teaching them that nouns are naming words. If the students don’t know about nouns, it will be hard for them to form compound nouns. Compound nouns are used in our everyday life, and having a basic understanding of them will help students identify them quickly. There are plenty of compound nouns worksheets available at BYJU’S website that can be easily downloaded.

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What are Compound Nouns?

In layman’s terms, the word compound means to form or make something by adding or combining separate things. Compound nouns are those nouns that are made up by adding two or more words together. For example, basketball is made of two nouns basket and ball. Compound nouns can be made of two words that are either nouns, adjectives, verbs, or prepositions. The following table will help students understand how compound nouns are formed and identify them easily in the compound nouns worksheet pdf.

  • Moon (noun) + Light (noun) = Moonlight
  • Hair (noun) + Cut (verb) = Haircut
  • Swimming (verb) + Pool (noun) = Swimming pool
  • Green (adjective) + House (noun) = Greenhouse
  • In (preposition) + put (verb) = Input

There are various other examples that children can go through, which will help them to solve the compound nouns worksheet easily.

Different Forms of Compound Words

There are different ways by which compound nouns can be formed.

  • When two words are joined together to form a new complete word, they are known as closed-form compound words. For example, football, snowman etc.
  • When two or more words are joined using a hyphen, then it is known as hyphenated compound nouns. For example, queen-size, father-in-law etc.
  • When two words are written separately but pronounced together to denote a specific thing, it is known as open form compound words. For example, peanut butter, roller coaster, high school, etc.

Plural Compound Words

Many students often face difficulties while changing singular compound nouns into plural compound nouns. Most compound words can be turned into plural forms just by adding s or es at the end. For example, dustbin becomes dustbins in plural form, or cowboy become cowboys. Though there are exceptions, children don’t need to learn them all at once. They just need to understand the basics of compound nouns and solve the compound nouns worksheet.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)


What are compound nouns?

Compound nouns are those nouns that are formed by joining two or more independent words together to denote a particular thing. For example, eyeball, brother-in-law, friendship etc.


Where to find compound nouns worksheet?

If you are looking for a compound nouns worksheet, then BYJU’S offers several worksheets that you can easily access as well as download and store in pdf formats for practice in future. These worksheets will help children to gain a better understanding of the basics of compound nouns.

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