Revenue Deficit

A deficit occurs when expenditure exceeds the revenue in a country by the end of a financial year. Many economists have been studying and... View Article


UNCDF’s full form is United Nations Capital Development Fund. It is an organisation responsible for assisting developing countries financially.... View Article

Civil Services Activism

The Indian Civil Service is a service of State, primarily in public administration. Civil servants reinforce a directive policy and take robust... View Article

Sectors of Indian Economy

The Indian economy is one of the largest economies in the world. Given the population of the country, it is no surprise that its economy is so... View Article

Rock Cut Architecture

There are various architectural styles and aesthetics in the world, but perhaps the rock-cut architectural style is the oldest to humanity. As... View Article


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Question Hour

As part of your UPSC syllabus, you will often come across what is question hour. It is the first hour in a sitting session in the Lok Sabha of... View Article

Probity in Governance

Probity in Governance is an essential provision required by the Indian government, which ensures the government’s proper functioning. It is set... View Article


After undergoing numerous social, political, and geological changes, human society has emerged as an organised state. For the smooth functioning... View Article

110 in Words

110 in words can be written as One Hundred Ten. Learn the importance of numbers and its applications in our daily activities. For instance, if... View Article

47500 in Words

47500 in words can be written as Forty-seven Thousand Five Hundred. For example, if you buy a new phone for Rs. 47500 at the store, then you can... View Article