Difference Between Algae and Bryophytes

Algae and Bryophytes are quite similar as they possess a lot of similarities. For example, neither of the groups have their plant body differentiated into stems, roots or leaves. Moreover, the plant body is thalloid and undifferentiated in both groups. However, these two groups have contrasting differences, and hence, have different taxonomic classifications. Read on to explore the differences between the two:

Difference Between Bryophytes and Algae



Members are mostly aquatic

Members are mostly terrestrial.

Members consist of both unicellular and multicellular organisms

Members are always multicellular

Does NOT show the division of labour in the plant body

Shows the division of labour in the plant body

Each cell has one or just a few chloroplasts

Each cell has comparatively more chloroplast than algae

Stomata and pores are absent

Stomata and pores are present

Every cell in the plant body is capable of reproduction

Only the apical cells are capable of reproduction

Rhizoids are generally absent (exceptions are present)

Rhizoids are present

Sexual reproduction is either oogamous, anisogamous or isogamous

Sexual reproduction is always oogamous

Oogonia is the female sex organ

Archegonia is the female sex organ

The zygote does not form an embryo

Zygote forms an embryo

The zygote has a resting period

The zygote has no such resting period

Alternation of generation is usually isomorphic

Alternation of generation is always heteromorphic

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