Difference Between Bryophytes and Pteridophytes

Bryophytes are non-vascular plants, without xylem and phloem. They may reproduce both sexually and vegetatively. For eg., liverworts and hornworts. On the contrary, pteridophytes are vascular plants with xylem and phloem. The dominant phase in pteridophyte is the sporophyte. Ferns, spikemosses, quillworts are a few pteridophytes. Let us explore some of the major difference between bryophytes and pteridophytes.

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Difference Between Bryophytes and Pteridophytes

Bryophytes vs Pteridophytes

Following are the major differences between bryophytes and pteridophytes:

Bryophytes Pteridophytes
Bryophytes are non-vascular plants. Pteridophytes are vascular plants.
The plant body is leafy or thalloid. The plant body is differentiated into roots, stem and leaves.
No vascular tissues. Vascular tissues are present.
Rhizoids are present for anchorage. Roots are present for anchoring.
The gametophyte is dominating. The sporophyte is dominating.
Anthredium is stalked. Anthredium is sessile.
Cells are haploid. Cells are diploid.
E: Mosses, liverworts, hornworts, etc. Eg: Spikemosses, ferns, quillworts, etc.

Bryophytes Overview

Bryophytes are non-vascular plants. Around 20,000 species of bryophytes have been found till date. They are found in moist places, but can also grow in a dry environment. They provide water and nutrients to the plants growing alongside.

Pteridophytes Overview

Pteridophytes are vascular plants that do not produce flowers or seeds. They are also known as cryptograms. It includes diverse true ferns. They have leaves, stems and roots.

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Listed above are the differences between pteridophytes and bryophytes. Both these plants are important and play an important role in maintaining ecological balance.

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