Difference Between Spongy and Compact Bones

Difference Between Spongy and Compact Bones

Bones are the primary skeletal structure that supports muscles and gives shape to the body. Spongy and compact bones are two basic structural bone types. They make up the long bones in the body. Long bones are dense hard bones that provide strength, structure and mobility. The difference between spongy and compact bones is given below in a tabular column.

Spongy vs Compact Bones

Spongy Bones Compact Bones
Spongy Bones are also called cancellous bones Compact bones are also called cortical bones
They light, spongy and soft in nature They are heavy, tough and compact in nature
They are made up of trabeculae They are made up of osteons
They fill the inner layer of most bones They fill the outer layer of most bones
Bone-marrow cavity absent Bone-marrow cavity present in the centre
Bone marrow produces red corpuscles and white granular corpuscles Bone marrow stores fat
It forms the ends or epiphyses of long bones It forms the shaft or diaphysis of long bones

Compact bones are the present in the outer layer of long bones, while spongy bones are present in the middle of the long bones. The main difference between spongy and compact bones is their structure and function. Visit BYJU’S to learn more differences.

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