Difference between Arteries and Veins

Arteries and Veins are two different types of blood vessels in the circulatory system and are mainly involved in circulating blood throughout the body from the heart and vice versa.


Arteries are the blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart, where it branches into even smaller vessels. Finally, the smallest arteries, called arterioles are further branched into small capillaries, where the exchange of all the nutrients and other waste molecules are carried out.


Veins are the blood vessels, present throughout the body. They are tube-like structure and translucent, functions by carrying deoxygenated blood from the tissues back to the heart for reoxygenation. Compared to arteries veins are thinly walled.

Let us know more in detail about the differences between Arteries and Veins.

Difference between Arteries and Veins

Difference between Arteries and Veins

Blood The pure, oxygenated blood, rich in nutrients are carried by the  Arteries. The impure, deoxygenated blood,   rich in waste materials is carried by the Veins.
Walls Arteries walls are rigid,  thicker and highly muscular. Veins walls are thin and collapsible walls.
Body location They are deeply situated within the body. They are superficial, peripherally located closer to the skin.
Colour Arteries are red in color. Veins are blue in color.
The direction of Blood Flow Arteries carry blood away from the heart to various parts of the body. Veins carry blood from the various parts of the body towards the heart.
Flow pressure The pressure is high as the blood flows by the pumping pressure of the heart. The pressure is low as the blood flows by the capillary action of the veins.
Oxygen level Oxygen levels are quite high in the arterial blood. Oxygen level is low comparatively.
 Level of Carbon-dioxide The level of the CO2 is low in the arterial blood. The level of the CO2 high in the venous blood.
Flow direction From the heart to the tissues From tissue to the heart.
Color They are a dark reddish color. They have a bluish red color.
Valves There are no valves in the artery vessels. There are valves in the veins allowing blood to flow in the upward direction.
Diseases Arteries are at a greater risk of certain to diseases like angina pectoris, atherosclerosis Veins are less susceptible to the diseases and few include diseases like varicose veins.

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