Difference between Male Gametophyte and Female Gametophyte

Plants show alternation of generation between a gametophytic and a sporophytic body. The gametophytic body can be either male or female. These are haploid structures which produce gametes. The gametes fuse to form a zygote and give rise to a diploid sporophytic body. Let us look at their differences:

Male Gametophyte

Female Gametophyte


The structure that produces male gametes is the male gametophyte.

The structure that produces the female gametes is the female gametophyte


It is found inside the anther.

It is found inside the ovule.

Number of cells

It forms a three cell structure in the angiosperms, and all the cells are functional.

It forms an eight cell structure in the angiosperms, and all the cells are not functional.

Derived from

It is derived from microspores.

It is derived from megaspores.

Phase of Growth

It develops in two phases, pre pollination and post pollination.

It has a single phase of growth

After Fertilization

The male gametophyte disintegrates after fertilization.

The female gametophyte forms new structures after fertilization.


The male gametophyte is a cone-like structure found on the lower branches of the plant.

The female gametophyte is also a cone-like structure, but is found on upper branches of the plant for easy pollination.

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What is the difference between male and female gamete?

Male gametes are pollen grains which are found inside the anther, whereas female gamete is an egg produced inside the ovule.

What is the difference between male gametophyte and a microspore?

A microspore is produced from the diploid sporophytic body after meiosis and the male gametophyte is produced from those microspores.

What is the difference between gametophyte and gamete?

A gamete is the sex cell which fuses with another gamete to form a zygoyte, whereas a gametophyte is the sex organ where those gametes are produced.

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