Difference between Muscle Tone and Muscle Strength

Muscle tone and strength are two terms that are used to describe the tension and contraction in the muscles. The major difference between muscle tone and muscle strength is that while muscle tone gives rigidity to our muscles, muscle strength gives power for physical activities.

There are not many points of difference between muscle tone and strength, but the top four differences are tabulated below:

Muscle Tone
Muscle Strength
Muscle tone is defined as the tension present in relaxed muscles. Muscle strength is the contraction in muscles while doing a physical activity. It is the force exerted on muscles.
It is an unconscious entity. It is a conscious force that one puts into performing any physical activity.
It is important for maintaining posture, balance and generating reflexes. It also gives rigidity to our muscles. High muscle strength gives flexibility, and one is capable of doing hectic physical activities like running and lifting.
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  • Hypertonia
  • Hypotonia

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Frequently Asked Questions


What causes poor muscle tone?

Damage to the central nervous system, some form of trauma, environmental factors or genetic faults can lead to poor muscle tone.


What is high muscle tone?

High muscle tone is increased tension in your muscles. The body becomes stiff, and it gets difficult to move your hands or legs.


Can high muscle tone go away?

With the help of physical therapy, it is possible to make the stiffness caused by high muscle tone go away.


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