MCQs on Muscular System For NEET 2021

Movement of the human body is due to the muscular system. Every muscle is a discrete organ composed of skeletal muscle tissues, tendons, blood vessels and nerves. Muscular tissues are also present inside the digestive organs, heart and blood vessels. Such organs possessing muscles assist in moving substances all through the body.

1. Division of joints allowing ample movement between 2 or more specific heads of bones are grouped as

(a) diarthrosis

(b) tendons and tibia

(c) synarthroses

(d) ligaments and femur

Answer: (a)

2. Ligaments restrict this action

(a) cartilage junction

(b) hyper extension

(c) hyper flexion

(d) both (b) and (c)

Answer: (d)

3. In muscle contraction, this ion is essential

(a) Cl

(b) Ca

(c) K

(d) Na

Answer: (b)

4. This is an example of stretch reflex stimulated by passive muscle movement

(a) patellar reflex

(b) tendon reflex

(c) flexor reflex

(d) ipsilateral reflex

Answer: (a)

5. This is a major energy source in a hurdle race to the leg muscles

(a) glycolysis

(b) lactate and pyruvate

(c) performed ATP

(d) oxidative metabolism

Answer: (d)

6. This event occurs during muscular contraction

I. H-zone disappears

II. A band widens

III. I band shortens

IV. Width of A band is unaffected

V. M line and Z line get closer

(a) I, II and III

(b) I, III, IV and V

(c) II, IV and V

(d) I, II and V

Answer: (b)

7. Muscles utilized for controlling the flow of all substances within lumen are grouped as

(a) hormonal system

(b) skeletal system

(c) cardiac muscles

(d) smooth muscles

Answer: (d)

8. Division of joints fibrous in nature permitting no movement is

(a) tendons and tibia

(b) ligaments and femur

(c) diarthrosis

(d) synarthroses

Answer: (d)

9. A small band of dense, white and fibrous elastic tissue is grouped as

(a) ligament

(b) muscle junction

(c) muscle filament

(d) muscle cartilage

Answer: (a)

10. In the striated muscles, the functional unit of contractile system is

(a) Z band

(b) cross bridges

(c) sarcomere

(d) myofibril

Answer: (c)

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