Difference between Root Hair and Stem Hair

Roots and shoots are important parts of the plant that help in water absorption and transpiration, respectively. Root hairs are an elongation of the epidermis from the roots, whereas stem hairs are multicellular structures that are distributed throughout the shoot. Stem hairs are sometimes called trichomes.

Likewise, differences between root hair and stem hair are tabulated below.

Root Hair
Stem Hair
Root hair is formed by the elongation of epidermis from the roots Stem hair is a structure present all over the stem that is formed by division of the epidermal cells.
It is a unicellular structure. It is a multicellular structure.
It is an elongation that arises from the epidermis of the root cells. It is an outgrowth of the epidermis formed by division of the epidermal cells.
Root hairs are not cutinised. Stem hairs are cutinised.
Root hairs are always unbranched. Stem hair can be branched or unbranched.
They are present in the zone of maturation in the root tips. They are present all over the stem.
They are short-lived. They are long-lived.
Root hairs help in absorption of water from the soil. The presence of stem hairs minimizes the loss of water through transpiration.
It grows deep inside the soil, showing geotropic movement. It grows in the open, showing phototropic movement.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between root hair and root?

Roots are the organs in plants that help in the absorption of water and nutrients from the soil. Root hair, on the other hand, are thin hair-like structures present at the root tip. It also facilitates  water absorption.


What happens if root hairs are damaged?

If the root hairs are damaged, water and nutrient absorption is hindered, and as a result, the plant’s lifespan is reduced.


Why are root hairs called ephemeral?

Root hairs are called ephemeral because they are short lived.


Are trichomes root hairs?

Stem hairs are sometimes called trichomes.


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