Scientific Name of Cat

Felis catus

The domestic cat belongs to the genus Felis and family Felidae. Close to 60 cat breeds are recognized by various cat breed registries. Just like other members of the family Felidae, cats are termed as hypercarnivores. This means that cats and other hypercarnivores have a diet that consists of at least 70% meat. From an evolutionary perspective, the genus Felis diverged from Felidae around 6-7 million years ago. Eventually, cats were domesticated by humans because they made great companions and also preyed on rodents that ravaged crops. The earliest evidence of domestication of cats can be traced back to southern Cyprus, about 9,200 to 9500 years ago. The average weight of the domestic cat is between 4kg and 5kgs. However, domestic cats are known to mate with feral cats, often producing hybrid offsprings. The most famous hybrid was the Kellas cat, a large black cat found in Scotland. Due to its large size and limited sightings, it was initially believed to be a hoax; until a specimen was caught and killed in a snare.

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