Scientific Name of Chinkara

Gazella bennettii

Also known as the Indian gazelle, Gazella bennetti belongs to the family Bovidae which also includes other cloven-hoofed ruminants such as sheeps, goats, bison, and the domestic cow. Chinkaras have a wide distribution – from India, Afghanistan to Iran and Pakistan. These animals typically inhabit the dry plains, deserts, forests and dry scrubs. In some places, these animals thrive at elevations of 4,000 ft above sea level (Pakistan). Chinkara are also classified as “Vulnerable” as per the IUCN. This is due to the fact that chinkaras are often hunted for their meat in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. Other threats include habitat destruction, and poaching. However, India has a much more stable population, with over 1 lakh individuals, out of which 80,000 are found in the Thar Desert alone.

The average adult chinkara stands about 2.1 feet tall and weighs about 23 kgs. It has a reddish-buff summer coat with a white underside. The animal’s face sports dark, chestnut-coloured stripes that run down from the corner of its eyes all the way to its snout. These dark lines are bordered by white stripes. The animal also has horns emerging from its head, and it averages over 15 inches in length.

Chinkaras are quite resilient animals, able to sustain themselves on dew droplets on the plant surface and other fluids present inside plant vegetation. They can also survive for long periods without access to water.

These animals often travel in groups of upto 4 individuals, although it is not uncommon for lone individuals to travel alone. Chinkaras have a lot of natural predators in the wild. Some of these predators include big cats such as Bengal Tigers and leopards. Indian wild dogs, also called dholes, are also known to attack chinkaras in the wild.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Scientific Name of Chinkara

What is the scientific name of Chinkara

The scientific name of Chinkara is Gazella bennettii.

Where are Chinkaras found?

Chinkaras are found in India, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. These animals typically thrive in dry plains, deserts, forests and dry scrubs.

Where are Chinkaras found in India?

Chinkaras are found in the Thar Desert.

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