Labelled Diagram of Scoliodon

Scoliodon is also known as dog shark or dogfish. They are common and widely distributed marine creatures. Scoliodon sorrakowah or spadenose shark is a well-known species of the genus Scoliodon. They are predaceous and strike the prey with their powerful jaws.

Here let’s learn about the description of Scoliodon with a well-labelled diagram.

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Labelled Diagram of Scoliodon

Scoliodon Diagram


Scoliodon is a vertebrate that is naturally found in oceans. They are widely distributed in the Indo-Pacific oceanic region. Sometimes they are also found in estuaries. They are predaceous, active swimmers and voracious feeders.


  • They have a laterally compressed, long (about 60 cm), spindle-shaped body, which can be distinguished into the head, trunk and tail.
  • Their ventral surface is white or pale in colour, while their dorsal and lateral sides are pigmented dark grey.
  • The Scoliodon’s head is dorso-ventrally compressed and flattened to form the snout. The head contains obliquely situated nostrils, a slit-like mouth and laterally located protuberant eyes. Five pairs of gill clefts (lateral) are located behind the eyes.
  • The trunk portion has lateral paired fins and median unpaired fins. The lateral paired fins include two posterior pelvic and two anterior pectoral fins. Likewise, the median unpaired includes small second dorsal and large first dorsal fins.
  • The heterocercal tail with vertebral column and musculature is turned upwards.
  • Two pigmented lateral lines are seen extending from head to tail.
  • The Scoliodon shows sexual dimorphism. The males have a pair of claspers.
  • Cloaca is present between the two pelvic fins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are requiem sharks?

Requiem sharks are live-bearing, migratory sharks of the family Carcharhinidae. They include a large variety of sharks that are mostly involved in human attacks. Examples – Copper shark, Tiger shark. It also includes harmless varieties like spadenose shark (Scoliodon).

What is the economic importance of Scoliodon?

The nutritious meat of Scoliodon is consumed as food and can also be used as bait for other fishes.

What are the two species of Scoliodon?

The two species of Scoliodon are – Pacific spadenose shark or Scoliodon macrorhynchos and spadenose shark or S. laticaudus.

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