Think and Throw

What is the first thing which appears in our mind when we hear or read the caption – THINK AND THROW!

Yes, it is the garbage.

But what is there to think before dumping or throwing the garbage. Let’s look into it in detail.

What is Garbage?

Garbage are the wastes, scrap, junk, debris, used and the unwanted or no longer useful materials. This garbage is of different types and is distinguished based on the types of wastes.

The two types of wastes are Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable wastes. The different sources of wastes are as follows:

  • Municipal wastes.
  • Biomedical wastes.
  • Agricultural Wastes.
  • Hazardous waste and special hazardous wastes.
  • Mining wastes, radioactive waste, explosive waste, and other electronic wastes.

Think Before You Throw!

Just imagine the garbage around us, which is not nice. We have seen many of us throwing plastic bottles, covers on the streets, near the trees, in the ponds, lakes, etc. It is not a good practice as it pollutes both the land and the water bodies, which affects the lives of both humans and animals.

That’s why we have to dump or put all our garbage into the bins or trash where it belongs to. Before dumping we all need to think and throw because based on the types of wastes that can be recycled, which can be used. The wastes which cannot be recycled, the hazardous and non- biodegradable wastes, are dismantled or disposed off.

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Here are a few important things which we need to think before throwing or dumping the garbage.

Can It Be Reused?

There are many plastic bottles, jars and can which can be reused to hold or to store small daily required things.

Recycling of Wastes

As we all know, the government has introduced many eco-friendly recycling plants in every city to protect our environment to save energy and to reduce pollution. There are various materials like paper, wood, glass, metal and plastic goods which can be sent to the respective recycling plants to produce new products instead of throwing and creating wastes for landfills, causing land and soil pollution.

You might be very happy when you throw and get rid of some useless stuff. These are either buried under a landfill or burnt in an incinerator, which is extremely polluting. In order to protect our environment and save resources on earth, recycling of waste materials is important. It also helps to save energy because it requires a lot of energy to produce items from raw materials than the recycled waste.

Composting at Home

Composting is a natural and Eco-friendly method of recycling various organic materials including the agricultural wastes, vegetable peels, and plants wastes for producing manure. These compost are rich in nutrients, which helps plants to grow healthy and strong.

Composting can be easily done at home. Add all the domestic and garden waste near a water spot in a shady place. Beneficial bacteria act upon it and convert the organic matter into humus which enriches the soil. Thus, instead of throwing away the waste it can be converted into nutrients enriching the soil.

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This was the brief introduction on the Think and throw.

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