Tiger Snake Scientific Name

Notechis scutatus

Tiger snake is a highly venomous snake which belongs to the family Elapidae. These snakes are found in Australia, and Tasmania. The snake can grow up to 1.2 meters in length. Moreover, there is significant variance in colour and size among the species.

Most members have a distinctive pattern, forming bands like those of a tiger (hence the name). Its colour ranges from black, olive, brown, and yellow. Tiger snakes are quite aggressive, with human-encounters often ending with bites. The snake also flatten their bodies and raise their heads when threatened.

The venom of the tiger snake consists of a cocktail of proteins which can cause paralysis and breathing difficulties. The mortality rates, if envenomated, are reported to be between 40-60%.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Tiger Snake


What is the scientific name of tiger snake?

The scientific name of the tiger snake is Notechis scutatus


Are tiger snakes venomous?

Tiger snakes are highly venomous, with a mortality rate of 40-60% if left untreated. The venom can cause kidney failure, as well as paralysis – leading to respiratory failure. Interestingly, tiger snakes belong to the Elapidae family, which also includes cobras.


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