Variety In Fabric

Fibre is a thin filament which is either natural or synthetic in nature. It is a long strand of molecules obtained from plant and animal sources. Fabrics are everywhere around us right from the carpet on which you are standing to the sofa or couch on which you are seated. From curtains, clothing to culinary and kitchen appliances, fabric is extensively used across manufacturing industries. It is popular since it offers some great features which distinguishes fabrics from any other material.

Properties Of Fibre

Following are the properties which make fabrics popular:

  • Increased tensile strength
  • Extremely durable
  • Robust
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Uniformly distributed fibres
  • Tenacity

Types Of Fibres

Fibres are broadly classified into two :

  • Natural fibres – These fibres occur freely in nature. Example: Silk, Cotton, Jute
  • Synthetic fibres: Fibres that are made by us chemically and are not available in nature are synthetic fibres. Example: Nylon, Rayon, Acrylic

Fibres are converted into yarns which are later woven to obtain fabrics through knitting and weaving primarily. Variety in fabrics are as follows:

Types Of Fibres

Name of fibre




Cotton plant – seed pods specifically

Water absorbent

Dries up quickly

Wearing qualities

Increased flexibility


Sheep, Horses, Camels, Alpaca



Some are Water-resistant


Stem of plants



Wearing characteristics


Plant sources



Not flexible. Used to make gunny bags and ropes


Plant sources – Wood pulp

Soft, comfortable


Easy to dye.

Used to make bedsheets


Coal, air, water

Easy to wash, flexible

Dries quickly, Retains shape

Use to make ropes, fishing nets


Coal, Petroleum, air

Easy to wash, wrinkle-free.

Used to make raincoats, jackets

Uses Of Fabrics

  • Extensively used in cloth making industry since they are water absorbent and retains shape
  • Used in home furnishings and large scale industries
  • Available in different shades (Rayon can be dyed)
  • Used in the making of kitchen appliances

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