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Chemistry Revision Notes for Class 11 Chapter 10 the S-block Elements

The s-block elements are among the most popular and talked about elements in chemistry. Thus in class 11, chapter 10 basically throws light on s-block elements and their characteristics, properties, types and the importance of different compounds. With an aim to help students learn about all these topics and study productively, free CBSE revision notes for class 11 Chemistry chapter 10 – the s-block elements are given here. Students can access these notes easily here in this page and get accustomed to all the important topics given in the chapter. Moreover, students can make use of these notes at their convenience irrespective of the place or the time.

CBSE Notes Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 10 s-Block Elements

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Notes Chapter 10: The s-Block Elements

Why are these elements names as ‘s-Block’ elements?

The s-block and p-block elements are so called because their valence electrons are in an s orbital.

What is ‘Chemical reactivity’?

Reactivity then refers to the rate at which a chemical substance tends to undergo a chemical reaction in time.

What is ‘Electronic configuration’?

The electronic configuration of an element is a symbolic notation of the manner in which the electrons of its atoms are distributed over different atomic.

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