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Summary of The Fight

Chapter 6 of the Class 8 English Supplementary Reader – It So Happened, consists of a prose – The Fight, which is a story about two boys who had a fight to decide who had a right to the beautiful pool in the forest. Read the prose summary of CBSE Class 8 English Prose Notes – The Fight in CBSE English Notes Class 8 format here. We hope this summary would guide students to get a detailed understanding about the chapter and prepare for their Board exams efficiently.

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CBSE Class 8 English The Fight Summary

The Fight is an interesting story written by Ruskin Bond about two boys, Ranji and Suraj. Ranji had moved to Rajpur recently and one day he discovered a beautiful pool in the middle of a forest. He was surprised to see the translucent water of the pool. It was mid summer and very hot. Seeing the pool, Ranji jumped into the water and enjoyed bathing in the cool water and swam across the pool heartily. The next day, he visited the pool again and took another dip in the water. After some time, he noticed another boy was standing by the pool.

As Ranji had a friendly nature, he and the other boy began talking. Ranji asked him to join him in the pool for swimming. However, the other boy did not reciprocate properly and reacted differently. He told Ranji that he did not like talking to strangers and preferred to chase them away from the pool. This angered Ranji and he warned to beat the other boy. Soon, the argument between them heated up and they started fighting violently. The other boy named Suraj slapped Ranji so hard that he started feeling dizzy. They threw punches on each other and fought furiously. Eventually, both of them got tired and decided to continue the fight the following day.

That day when Ranji reached home, he was unable to hide the cuts and bruises on his body from his mother, who got worried looking at his condition. She insisted he stay at home and take rest. But towards the evening, Ranji slipped out of his house and went to the market. He bought a lemonade and a few jalebis to comfort himself. While eating, he noticed Suraj and wanted to spill the lemonade on him. However, he did nothing, neither did Suraj. They simply scowled at each other and left the place.

The next day, both the boys reached the pool. Although Ranji felt weak and lazy to pick up another fight with Suraj, he did not give up. Suraj challenged him to swim across the length of the pool and then they would decide who had a right to swim in the pool. Ranji accepted the challenge as he felt that if he gave up, he would lose the right to swim in the beautiful pool. He dived into the pool at once and completed it effortlessly without even getting tired.

This surprised Suraj greatly and he wished that he could learn diving from Ranji. When Ranji learnt that Suraj was interested in learning diving from him, he readily agreed and decided to teach him to swim. Meanwhile, Suraj who was a Pahlawan himself decided to help Ranji learn some wrestling techniques and guide him to become a Pahlawan. They both decided to continue with their lessons by the pool every day. Finally, both the boys became friends and decided to help each other to learn each other’s skills and also keep a check that no one would be allowed in their pool without their permission.

Conclusion of The Fight

The chapter – The Fight illustrates that fighting only causes damage and does no good to others. We should also not be proud of our prowess and try to help each other and establish a bond of love with each other rather than indulging in hate. Here, we present you the CBSE Class 8 English It So Happened Prose Summary of The Fight that must have helped 8th standard students to have a comprehensive understanding of the chapter.

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 8 English: The Fight

What is the meaning of ‘Prowess’?

Prowess’ refers to military skills and bravery.

What are the consequences of fighting?

1. Hurt others 2. Instability 3. Ruin relationships

Who is a ‘Pahlawan’?

Pahlawan is of Urdu origin and it means wrestler in English

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