Moving Charges and Magnetism Class 12 Notes

Electricity and Magnetism are closely related to each other. The Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted noticed a current in a straight wire caused a deflection in a magnetic compass needle kept close to it. On reversing the direction of the current flow the compass deflected by the same magnitude but in the opposite direction. From this the conclusion came out to be that, Moving charges or current produces a magnetic field in their surrounding.

The SI unit for this Magnetic field is W/m2 or T (Tesla).

Magnetism has always been the most complicated thing to understand for the scientist as well as for the students to understand. Thus we at Byju’s provide students with the notes along with NCERT solution and few Important questions that can be framed in their board examination. These question can be really helpful for students in their boards as well as in their competitive examination.

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When a semiconductor is heated, its resistance

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