Moving Charges and Magnetism Class 12 Notes

Magnetism is the second most familiar topic after gravity among students. In class 12, students study the topic of magnetism and electric current in chapter 5 of the physics textbook. Here students will basically learn about magnetic fields and its reaction to charged particles, like electrons, protons, and wires carrying electricity. Students will also study how moving currents produce magnetic fields and they will learn about Bohr’s model and other laws. While magnetism has always been a complicated topic to understand for students we at Byju’s are providing well-drafted study materials in the form of notes especially to help them master the concepts easily and clearly. The class 12 CBSE notes for chapter 5 – moving charges and magnetismcan be really helpful for students to prepare well for their boards as well as other competitive examination. Students can use these notes as a great reference tool to complete assignments, conduct revisions and ultimately prepare well for the exams.

Students can also check out the links given below if they wish to excel in their board examination;

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