CBSE Sample Papers For Class 11

Cbse sample question papers for class 11 are very useful for students preparing for (SA) Summative Assessments. We provide all sample papers for all the important subjects. Sample question papers are very useful for students so that they can understand concepts better by practicing them regularly. Students can work on their weak subject by referring these sample papers. These sample question papers are prepared by experts in accordance with CBSE. These sample papers are in accordance with the latest CBSE Class 11 Syllabus.

Prepared by our experts at Byju’s in accordance with the guidelines as mentioned above, these sample question papers will help students gain confidence and prepare them to face their school exams. These Sample Papers cover important concepts from an examination perspective. CBSE students should practice the questions provided in the sample papers to get the best marks in exams.

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Inside a hollow uniform sphere of mass 'M', a uniform rod of lenght 'R2' is released from the state of rest. The mass of the rod is same as that of the sphere. If the inner radius of the hollow sphere is 'R' then find out horizontal displacement of sphere with respect to earth in the time in which the rod becomes horizontal.