Amanda MCQ CBSE Class 10 English Chapter 4

CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 4 Amanda

Students who are looking for CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 4 Amanda have landed on the right page. Along with the Amanda MCQ, we have also provided the answers to these questions so that students can check their answers after practising these MCQs. Below, students can find two extracts and Amanda MCQs based on it. Solving these questions will help students to score high marks in the English paper as most of the questions asked in the exam will be MCQs. So, practising these CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 4 Amanda with answers will increase their chances of scoring high marks in the exams.

CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 4 Amanda with Answer

CBSE Class 10 Amanda MCQs based on the extract:

Extract 1:

I am an orphan, roaming the street.

I pattern soft dust with my hushed, bare feet.

The silence is golden, the freedom is sweet.

i) The tone of the given lines is

a) analytical.

b) despairing.

c) peaceful.

d) nervous.

Correct Answer: Option (c)

ii) Read the statements A and B given below, and choose the option that correctly evaluates these statements.

Statement A – The figure ‘I’ imagines a less than realistic view of being an orphan.

Statement B – The figure ‘I’ does not like the speaker.

a) A is true, B is false, according to the extract

b) A is true, B cannot be clearly inferred from the extract.

c) A cannot be clearly inferred from the extract, B is false.

d) A is true and can be inferred from the poem, B is true too.

Correct Answer: Option (b)

iii) The golden silence is contrasted with the __________.

a) chaos of the street.

b) constant instructions received.

c) sweetness of freedom.

d) hushed, bare feet.

Correct Answer: Option (b)

iv) The rhyme scheme ‘aaa’ in the above extract is followed in all other stanzas of the poem that are written in parenthesis, i.e. (). Why?

Read the reasons given below, and choose the option that lists the most accurate reasoning:

(i) It shows the simplicity of the child’s thoughts.

(ii) It reflects the harmony and rhythm of the child’s inner world.

(iii) It mirrors a child’s expression.

(iv) It highlights the poet’s aesthetic sensibility.

a) (i) and (iv)

b) (i) and (ii)

c) (ii) and (iii)

d) (iii) and (iv)

Correct Answer: Option (c)

v) Pick the option that lists the usage of the word ‘pattern’, as in the extract above.

a) That is a lovely pattern for a wallpaper.

b) He decided to wear a patterned shirt to the party.

c) Poetry is a form of pattern making.

d) She patterned her hair after her favourite celebrity.

Correct Answer: Option (d)

Extra Questions

vi) Which option completes the popular adage given below?

__________________ silence is gold.

a) Precious are words for

b) Speech is silver

c) Silver is the tongue

d) Ideas may be precious but

Correct Answer: Option (b)

vii) A transferred epithet is a literary device where the modifier or epithet is transferred from the noun it is meant to describe to another noun in the sentence.

Based on the given definition of ‘transferred epithet’, choose the option that lists an example of a transferred epithet.

a) soft dust

b) hushed (bare) feet

c) freedom (is) sweet

d) silence (is) golden

Correct Answer: Option (b)

viii) Which image corresponds to what Amanda is doing in this extract?

CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 4 Amanda with Answers-1

a) option 1

b) option 2

c) option 3

d) option 4

Correct Answer: Option (b)

Extract 2:

Don’t bite your nails, Amanda!

Don’t hunch your shoulders, Amanda!

Stop that slouching and sit up straight,


i) The purpose of the speaker’s words in the given extract is to

a) show the speaker’s power over the listener.

b) make the listener a better human being.

c) advise the listener as an elder.

d) improve the listener’s posture and habits.

Correct Answer: Option (d)

ii) Pick the option that lists the image which correctly corresponds to the speaker’s mood in the extract.

CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 4 Amanda with Answers-2

a) Image (i)

b) Image (ii)

c) Image (iii)

d) Image (iv)

Correct Answer: Option (c)

iii) Alliteration is a literary device used in the extract.

Which of the following options DOES NOT include examples of this literary device?

a) The moon and the shimmering stars watched over us

b) With that charming chat, Catherine chose comfort

c) Away ran the pathetic pooch pouting like a princess

d) Dee dee was driving down day after day

Correct Answer: Option (a)

iv) What does the repetition of “Amanda!” at the end of each line reflect?

a) It describes who the speaker is talking to.

b) It represents the absent-mindedness of the listener.

c) It shows the frustration of the speaker.

d) It helps create a rhyme scheme.

Correct Answer: Option (c)

v) select the option that fits with the following:

slouching : straight:: ______ : _______

a) transparent: translucent

b) lazy: agile

c) forgetful: lively

d) generous: liberal

Correct Answer: Option (b)

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