CBSE will not allow subject change in classes 10 and 12

CBSE will not allow subject change in classes 10 and 12

CBSE, the Central Board of Secondary Education and the schools affiliated with it will not entertain any request to change the subject in classes 10 and 12 on account of parents or students making their arrangements for studies. To handle these requests for a subject change in classes 10 and 12, CBSE has also set up the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for schools.

CBSE classes 10 and 12 is a two-year course, and the schools usually counsel the students in classes 9 and 11 into opting subjects of their choice for the next classes, based on its availability in the schools.

Meanwhile, a senior board official also states that many students wish to change the subject when they move to CBSE class 10 and class 12, for varied reasons. The senior official also added that as per the revised norms, any request for change of the subjects would be accepted if made before July 15 of the academic session. The board has framed the SOPs to streamline the process.

However, the official also went on to say that the CBSE will entertain no request for change of subjects based on the parents making their arrangements for the studies. The official also said that “ Now, almost all the subjects have an internal assessment and the schools need to provide the performance of the students in the internal assessments”.

Meanwhile, as per the SOPs, a candidate wishing for a change of subject will have to submit an official request to the school along with supporting documents on the reason for the move. The schools will then analyse if the request for change is genuine and will also assess the performance of the student in classes 9 and 11, accordingly. They will then decide if the child can cope up or not.

The schools are also required to consider the availability of the new subject in school, as well as if the selected combination of subjects is valid as per the scheme of studies. Also, they would need to see if the school has an affiliation for the subject from the affiliation unit or skill education unit in case of skill subjects.

The school have also been asked to compile these requests and forward it to the regional offices of the CBSE.

Schools will have to follow the directions strictly. If any school is found to deviate from the instructions given then CBSE has the authority to reject the request for which the school will be held responsible.


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