Periodic Classification Of Elements

Need for the Periodic Classification of Elements

All existing matter in our surroundings is made up of basic units known as elements. Initially, in 1800, only 31 chemical elements were discovered. After some advancement in technology in 1865, about 63 more elements were discovered. This created the need for the periodic classification of elements.

Presently, there are 118 elements known to us. Out of these 118 chemical elements, some of the elements are man-made.

Periodic Classification of Elements

Periodic Classification of Elements in the Modern Periodic Table

  • When there were only 31 elements it was relatively easy to study the properties of these chemical elements individually.
  • Now the number of elements has raised to 118, it would be very cumbersome to study the properties of every element individual.
  • In order to ease the work, scientists started thinking about a method so that the study of elements can be simplified.
  • They decided to organize the elements in a periodic table according to the information available about the elements and various characteristics shown by them.

It was observed that elements show periodicity in their properties. Many tables were made to arrange the elements in an ordered manner based on their characteristics to study the properties of elements in a fixed pattern.

Today we study the elements with the help of the modern periodic table. Periodic classification of elements is the method by which elements are grouped on the basis of their characteristics i.e. we keep the elements that are alike in one group and the rest of the elements in the other group. Some empty spaces have been left in the periodic table so that the elements that will be discovered in the future can be placed without disturbing the trending periodicity of the elements.

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Significance of the Periodic Classification of Elements

  1. Makes the study of elements easy: Classification of elements in groups provide us with a fixed pattern in which the elements change their properties periodically. The periodic table made the study of the physical and chemical properties of elements simple and organized. We can now just go to the group and see the properties of the elements of the periodic table or predict the properties of an element if we know the characteristics of other elements present in the same group.
  2. Helps in discovering new elements: Although there are so many elements that are already discovered, there are chances that new elements can be discovered. Scientists can take the help of a periodic table and know the trending characteristics based on the properties of elements and hence can identify the new elements with the existing ones. Besides, researchers are continuously striving to discover new elements and explore their properties.

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