Difference Between Hard Water And Soft Water

Water is a universal solvent. It is a chemical substance which is transparent, colorless, odorless and tasteless. Water is categorised in two types. They are hard water and soft water. These two types are not differentiated based on their touch and feel or appearance. This difference is based on the mineral content of each.

Hard water:

The water with naturally present minerals like magnesium and calcium with detectable amount is called hard water. These minerals are beneficial for health. They add flavour to hard water.

Soft water:

It is treated water. It is left with only cations and that is sodium. It has a salty taste.

To make you understand how hard water and soft water are different from each other, here are the some of the major differences between hard water and soft water:

Difference between Hard water and Soft water



It is rich in minerals

Contains very few elements

Soap is not so effective

Soap is easily effective

No foam and lather from soaps

Bubbly lather from soaps

Leaves spots on the washed dishes after they are dried

Does not leave any spots on dishes after they are dried

Contains minerals like magnesium and calcium

Contains sodium ion

Sometimes preferred drinking water

Sometimes not preferred drinking water

Example: Groundwater like deep wells

Example : Rainwater

Hair and skin become dry

Hair and skin become soft

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