Difference Between Pure Substance And Mixture

Solid, liquid and gas are the states of matter. But matter can also be classified as pure substances and mixtures. Substances which have a specific composition are called pure substances. They cannot be separated into any other form of matter. Pure substances are further divided into elements and compounds. The combination of two or more pure substances is called mixture. Mixtures can be classified into two types viz heterogeneous and homogeneous mixture. Here we are discussing major differences between Pure Substances and Mixtures.

Difference Between Pure Substance And Mixture

Properties Pure Substance Mixture
Define The substances that are made of one matter are called pure substances Several substances together form a mixture
Categorize Solid, liquid, gas Heterogeneous, homogeneous
Physical properties Constant Vary
Purity Pure Impure
Separation by a physical process Not possible Possible to separate by evaporation, magnetic separation, etc.
Chemical properties Constant Vary
Example Gold, pure water, hydrogen gas Oil & water, sand & sugar

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