Drawing Out A Glass Jet

Glass is a material which softness on heating and can be made into the desired shape. Glass is used in manufacturing laboratory equipment, marbles, paperweights, mirrors, decorative articles, windows and TV screens. Glass is a transparent material which acquires various colors by the addition of electrically charged ions that are distributed evenly. Let us learn how the glass in drawn into a jet shape.


To know the basic techniques of drawing a glass tube into a jet shape.

Materials Required:

  • 20-25 cm long glass tube
  • Triangular file
  • Bunsen Burner
  • Sandpaper


  • Select a glass tube of your desire with appropriate diameter for drawing into a jet.
  • Cut the glass tube to the required length with the help of a triangular file.
  • Using the hottest portion of the Bunsen burner flame heat the tube by holding it at both the ends as shown in the figure above.
  • Gently rotate the tube until the portion which is in contact with the flame becomes red hot and softens.
  • Remove the glass tube from the flame and pull the ends apart slowly and smoothly until it becomes narrow in the middle and then stretches into a fine jet.
  • Cut the tube in the middle as shown in the figure and rub the ends using sandpaper and by fire polishing till the end are smooth.

Precautions to be taken during the experiment:

  • Gently pull the soften part of the glass tube so that it is evenly thin.
  • Do not touch the red hot portion of the tube since it will be too hot and might cause injury.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Drawing Out A Glass Jet

Why is it required to round off the freshly cut edges of the glass tube or the glass rod ?

The rough edges might cause injury while handling, hence for the safety and look edges of glass tube or rod is rounded off.

Mention the various steps which are involved in the drawing a glass tube into a jet ?

  • Selecting the ideal tube
  • Heating the center of the glass tube
  • Breaking
  • filing
  • Cooling

What type of glass is preferred for drawing out a jet ?

Soda lime glass is used in drawing out a jet

Why is the glass tube of small diameter chosen for drawing out a jet ?

Since larger diameter tube has to be stretched too far, the glass tube of small diameter is chosen.

Which type of glass is preferred in this process ?

Soda lime glass

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