Boring a cork

Cork is a small and useful laboratory device mainly used along with flasks or test tubes. They are made of rubber and is of various sizes. Cork softens when it comes in contact with water. Cork is bored in order to fit in the glass tubes for various lab purpose. Let us know the process of boring a cork.

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To know the basic techniques of boring a cork and fitting the glass tubes.

Materials Required:

  • Cork
  • Borer
  • Glass tube


  • Take the cork and place it on the table
  • Mark the rubber cork on both sides where you exactly want to drill the hole
  • Select a cork borer of a smaller size than the diameter of the tube that has to be inserted into the cork.
  • Place the cork as shown in the figure. Keep the smaller end on the table and the bigger end facing up.
  • Hold the cork firmly in the left hand and place the cork borer on the marked area of the bore.
  • Note: dip the borer in water or glycerine before placing it on the cork
  • Push the borer vertically in the downward direction.
  • Apply gentle pressure and drill the hole by rotating the borer simultaneously and moving downwards.
  • After boring one side of the cork halfway, drill out the other side of the cork too. Start to bore the other side until a hole is drilled.
  • Now the cork is ready to be inserted with the glass tube.
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Precautions to be taken during the experiment:

  • Make a mark on both sides of the cork exactly since it cannot be adjusted after the process is done.
  • To obtain a smooth hole, drill half the hole from one side and other half from another side of the cork.

Frequently Asked Questions on Boring a cork


What are the steps involved in this process ?

  • Marking the cork
  • Bore half the cork on one side
  • Bore the remaining half on another side
  • Insert the tube into the hole drilled

What is the role of glycerine in the process of boring ?

Glycerine makes the cork flexible and smooth so that cork can be bored easily.


Why should the diameter of the borer be less than the diameter of the glass tube that has to be inserted in the hole drilled ?

To hold the inserted tube firmly, the diameter of the borer should be less.


What is the use of the borer in this process ?

Borer is used in drilling the hole of the required diameter.


Can the cork get hard over time ?



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