Uses of Air

Air is a natural virtue on earth which sustains life. It exists in the atmosphere and it basically contains a mixture of numerous gases like oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in higher proportions and much smaller levels of argon, water vapour, and other gases. Air also contains bacteria, suspended dust, and spores. However, the chemistry of air is really fascinating.

Air is a non-visible form of matter which is free-flowing and in the gaseous state. We cannot see it, taste it but we sometimes smell it. However, air is a known matter and like all matter, it has weight, is compressible, and takes up space. Meanwhile, the components of air and its properties are mostly studied in chemistry as well as in physics.

Important Uses of Air

Air is a natural resource and is available abundantly. When we talk about the uses of air, the first thing that we can say that it is the most important element that supports the vitality and well being of all living things on the earth. Having said that, just like water, air is very useful and it has a lot of applications.

  • Sustain life and growth
  • Combustion
  • Maintaining Temperature
  • Supplier of Energy
  • Photosynthesis

Sustain Life and Growth

Air consists one of the main life-sustaining gas called oxygen. Almost all living things breathe in and breathe out this air. Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide are also other gases that are vital for plants and their growth.


Apart from this, air supports burning or combustion. The oxygen present in air help in burning of the fuels to basically carry out activities like cooking food, running industries and vehicles as well as generating heat and electricity.

Temperature Control

Another important aspect of air is that it helps in maintaining the temperature on the earth surface by circulating hot and cold air. Air acts as a conductor of heat as well. Even phenomena such as water cycle are dependent on air.

Supplier of Energy

Air which consists of energy is one of the main suppliers of energy. Living things are made up of cells and these cells extract oxygen within the blood to produce energy usually in the form of ATP. This biochemical generation of ATP is essential to maintain life on the earth.


Carbon dioxide, which is a component of air is used by plants during the process of photosynthesis. Here oxygen is also released by plants. And we already know how vital oxygen is.

Apart from these, various gas in the air have different uses. For example, Nitrogen is used in the production of ammonia whereas hydrogen and other gases are also used routinely in science and technology.

These are some of the popular uses of air. To know more about the properties and different types of air you can keep visiting BYJU’s or download our app for interesting content and learning experience.

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