Budget Set

What is Budget Set?

A budget set or a set of opportunities incorporates all feasible utilisation bundles that someone can manage provided the cost of commodities and the person’s earning degree. The budget set is always bounded above by the budget line. Graphically, all the utilisation bundles that lie inside the budget restriction and on the budget restriction form the budget set or set of opportunities.

There are 2 factors that influence a customer’s preference of number of goods to buy between 2 goods: prices (cost) and money income. Price times quantity for each commodity furnishes us with the expenditure sustained on buying a commodity. According to the analysis, there are two commodities. Now, the expenditure on both commodities has to be less than or equal to the monetary earning of the customer. This is the budget restriction confronted by a customer. It is represented as:

P1.X1 + P2.X2 <= M

All those bundles that gives content to these norms are set to structure a part of what is known as the budget set. The customer can choose to consume out of any of these bundles.

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