What are the Objectives of Government Budget

Meaning of Government Budget

The government budget is an annual fiscal statement depicting the revenues and spending for a financial year that is often moved by the legislature, sanctioned by the chief executive or president and given by the Finance Minister to the country. Budget is also known as the Annual Financial Statement of the nation.

Components of Government Budget

There is a constitutional necessity in India according to the Article 112 to current before the Parliament passed a declaration statement of gauged receipts and expenditures of the government with respect of every financial year which functions from 1st of April to 31st March. This ‘Annual Financial Statement’ comprises the main budget document of the government.

Whilst the budget document associates to the receipts and expenditure of the government for a particular fiscal year, the effect of it will be there in the following years.

  • There is an obligation to have 2 accounts – that are associated with the current financial year are incorporated in the revenue account which is also known as Revenue Budget
  • Those that concern the assets and liabilities of the government into the capital account which is also known as the capital budget
  • In order to comprehend the accounts, it is significant to first understand the aims of the government budget

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