Class 11 Commerce Maths Syllabus

The Class 11 CBSE Mathematics Syllabus has undergone changes from time to time in accordance with the growth of the subject and developing needs of society. Senior Secondary platform is a launching stage from where the students go either for higher academic education in Mathematics or for professional programs like Commerce or Engineering, Physical and Bioscience or Computer Applications.

3 Significant Objectives of CBSE Commerce Class 11 Mathematics:

The general objectives of CBSE Class 11 Mathematics are mentioned below:

  • To gain knowledge and analytical understanding, especially by way of motivation and visualization, of fundamental concepts, terminologies, principles, symbols and ability to bear processes and skills
  • To observe the flow of reasons while determining a result or working a apply the knowledge and skills gained to solve problems and wherever feasible, by more than one classification
  • To foster a positive attitude to analyse, examine and explain reasonably

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Maths Syllabus:

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