Class 12 Economics Exam

About Class 12 Economics Exam

  • Economics relates closely to our daily life and has immense importance in the commerce stream.
  • It becomes essential for students to assimilate the concepts of economics.

Amazingly Practical Subject

  • Economics relates closely to our day-to-day life. Most of the things that we study in this subject are what we already know and experience everyday but do not know what we call it technically.
  • When we study economics, we get to know about the technical terms as well as their true application in our life.

Theory and Numerical are Equally Important

  • If studied properly, then this subject can provide an immense opportunity to get full marks.
  • However, you need to focus equally on the theoretical as well as the numerical portion of economics.

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Pattern and Marks Allocation

The paper comprises 100 Marks. The theory paper is for 80 marks, and 20 marks are project work.

Theory: 80 marks

Project: 20 marks

Exam time: 3 hours

Part A Introductory Macroeconomics
National Income and Related Aggregates 10
Money and Banking 6
Determination of Income and Employment 12
Government Budget and the Economy 6
Balance of Payments 6
Part B Indian Economic Development
Development Experience (1947-90)

and Economic Reforms since 1991

Current Challenges facing Indian Economy 22
Development Experience of India – A Comparison with Neighbours 06
Theory Paper (40+40 = 80 Marks) 40
Part C Project Work 20


The duration of the exam is 3 Hours.

Economics exam is generally conducted in the month of March every year.

Study Tips to Prepare for Economics Exam

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