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Class 12 Economics

About Class 12 Economics Notes and Study Materials

  • Byjus.com brings to you Class 12 Economics Notes and Study Materials  so that your studies becomes more interesting.
  • Study becomes fun when we relate your study content with your general life as whatever we study comes from our life only.
  • Our Content is specially designed according to the syllabus and exam pattern of CBSE.
  • It helps you not only understand each and every topic but also tell you how it applies to our general life. It helps you to see Economics from a different perspective altogether.

Speciality of our Study Material

(1) Language of the Content

All of the concepts are explained in a lucid manner which gives you in-depth knowledge of the content.

(2) Diagrams

All the diagrams and shapes of curves are shown with reasons.

(3) Tabular Representations

Proper tabular representation has been shown for different topics which makes the calculation part easy.

(4) Flow Charts

Flow charts have been used to make concepts interesting and easy, wherever it was possible.

(5) Numerical Portion

Lot of numerical (Solved and Unsolved) have been included in the order from simple to difficult. All types of questions have included so that students can practice at the optimum level.

(6) Fast Track Revision

After every chapter Fast Track Revision is given which will help students to revise the whole chapter in minimal time.

(7) Past Years’ Examination Questions

Past years’ questions are also given after every chapter so that students can gain confidence that whatever they are studying from our study material is more than sufficient for answering the questions asked in the exam.

Click on the links below to get access to Byju’s Economics Study Materials: 

Introduction to Economics

Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

Economic and Non Economic Activities

Economy and Central Problems of Economy

Concept of Production Possibility Curve

Evolution In Definition Of Economics

Cardinal And Ordinal Utility