Branding and Packaging - All You Need to Know

What is Branding?

Branding is a strategy of creating a unique name, logo, image of a product to grasp the attention of the customers. It helps the customers to distinguish a product from other sellers product, establish the fondness and build trust. It not only leaves an impression in customers mind but allows them to know what to expect from the brand. Branding is one of the marketing tools used by the company to spread awareness about the product to the customers.

Various departments are involved in creating a brand, including advertising, customer service, promotional merchandise, logo, etc., All these areas work together to build a brand unique.

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What is Packaging?

Packaging is a process that involves creativity to produce an attractive cover, packet, wrapper in which the product is wrapped and sold to the customers. Proper packaging is not only about creating attractive packaging but also, but it also guarantees the protection of the product without any damage. Packaging is an essential part of marketing as it is the first thing that the customers encounter.

The primary purposes of packaging are:

  • Brand identification
  • Transporting package without any damage

Given below in a tabular column are the differences between Branding and Packaging.

Branding Packaging
What is means?
Branding is creating a unique identification of a product Packaging is about designing or designing a packet, wrapper, box where the product is placed and sold
To differentiate a product from other sellers product To safeguard the product from getting damaged
Name, colour, logo, sign, etc., Colour, description, logo, etc.,
Creates trust and long term relationship with the customers Attracts customers attention
Target audience
Customers Customers
Pull customers to buy the product Pull customers to buy the product

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